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The knitty gritty

Write it, cut it, paste it, save it, Load it, check it, quick - rewrite it

The Crafting Hobbit
7 June 1979
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I'm here, I'm there. I'm all over the place. An artist, crafter, knitter, nutter, fashionista, wife and now a mommy. I'm open, honest and raw. I am true life. So if you can't handle me then you probably can't handle life.
I hate cyber *hugs*.
If you have nothing else to say then don't worry. But cyber *hugs* are so damned fake.

Garrett Henry was born August 28th, 2009. After 5 years of trying we turned to IVF and it helped us have the most amazing addition to our family.
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- Garrett weaned at 13 months. Our left over breast milk was donated to another mom.

"How do I save my own life?" the poet asked.
"By being a fool," God said.
-- Erica Jong, How to Save Your Own Life

I manage 2 communities

I also have a blog: Adventures of a Crafting Mommy
The Crafting Hobbit

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